About Us

    Our goal is to offer unmatched benefits, performing our efforts in an agile and effective way to guarantee full satisfaction from our customers.

    To make this happen, we have the greatest travel consultants who offer you huge professional experience with an more than 15 years dedicated to the Tourism Industry in general and Travel Agencies in particular. We provide a large, serious and transparent service, attending and taking care of every detail. We act with integrity and confidence, best atributes for our clients keep trusting us in every situation they need advice for corporate Travel.

    We are a reliable and trustable company, committed to our principles, we strongly believe in an effective and personalized management is the way to be part of every stage of the process on our way to ensure quality and excellence. We answer effectively to the greatest challenge of being updated 365/24/7 in this wanderlust sector wich is the corporate & business travel.

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    Our mission

    To provide an outstanding service, to save significant amounts of money to our clients giving them convinient travel solutions. We understand how the market flows and how challenging had become, that is the reason why Wanderlust Business Travel has arrived to EEUU, to become our client’s corporate travels quicker, simpler and trouble-free.

    Our company adopts the highest quality standards in customer care taking their satisfaction as our top priority. We help our clients to improve their company efficiency rates, saving them two of the most valuable ítems we’ve got in this world: time & money. We take care of the process since the very beggining with the latest tools and logitics: monitoring all the individual and Group Bookings anticipating the unpredictable future into a smooth walk in the clouds. Also, we have exclusive agreements with the greatest airline companies such as AA, Iberia, United, Emirates, Etihad, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Air Transat and the top-rated hotel holdings and many other touristic services.


    Our team has been dedicated to the Tourism Industry more than 25 years

    Human Warmth

    We dedicate all the time necessary to listen and understand our customers requests

    24h Service

    All your needs and worries are fully-covered

    Stella Maris

    Our first company based in Madrid, Spain, give us support in any European matter

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    If your passion is to Travel all around the globe, and you want to know other languages and cultures, let your imagination run wild with Wanderlust BT & Stella Maris. More than 14 years of experience moving groups of students to foreign countries such as Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Israel and much more. We provide:.

    - Visa consulting.
    - Organization of complementary activities.
    - Any kind of transportation.
    - Accommodation services, all kinds.
    - 24h customer care telephone.

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    Our Team

    Forget about the online! A wide range of expert travel agents will kindly handle a tailored fit journey.

    We are a group of well travelled connoiseurs. We use our own experience to create unique travels taking care of every single detail. We enjoy our job and we let you be part of it. Thanks to our management of corporate travel, your Company will save money, optimizing your valuable time.

    We strive ourselves in taking care of every gesture, innovating and organizing your business trip with creativity, intelligence and commitment. Success and effort go together. Since the very beginning, we provide suggestions and alternatives, even in the operation itself, advising the best options and negotiating for you the best prices.

    Our consultants will offer you the best prices for each alternative, thanks to our negotiate power with suppliers and the technology we apply to obtain the best rate. 360 Services where "everything matters", providing your company Global coverage - We solve any problem immediately, thanks to our 360-coverage service. We adapt the management of your travel account to your business needs, which will allow you to maximize the return on your travel investment.

    From our Business Development department, we carry out advisory work with our clients, both in travel-oriented technology solutions, and in strategic consulting, offering Business Travel recommendations and accompanying the client in each of the stages. Our 24h Service is made up of five travel expert consultants, with extensive experience in corporate travel will manage your company reservations for the control, analysis and decision making, in alert or emergency situations that may put your travelers at risk.

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